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Server downtime2015-11-20 08:24
We have had some problems with our ISP since about 18:00 yesterday. Hopefully their problem whatever it was is now fixed. We are sorry for the possible inconvenience this might have caused.

Season 62015-05-03 08:47
Season 6 is over us. We start with yet another hilly 7-manna - then continuing with some flat ones at Måsen and Svartnatta before entering again some hilly and partly hilly relays at Rånäs, Stigtomta, Kolmård, Tiomila and Jukola before finishing at yet 3 flat ones of Nighthawk, NationalChampionship and Småland. Though we do not see that many extremely hilly terrains as of season5 - season 6 is expected to be just as demanding for the teams and their coaches and with a little increase in the average length per leg it will for sure be exciting - can Gurrelitos keep the distance to the other top teams? A lot of teams seems eager to take up the challenge: TTG has gathered an impressive pack and so have Brunkbackens OK and coach. Not forgetting TwoGirlsOneCup - that finished strong at Småland. Will we see OK Asgard, Dasies or even Häagen Dazs competing in the very top as well? There are a lot of other teams to mention so stay tuned for the relay follow-ups here at O-coach news page. Season 6 has started - lets make it a good one!

End of season 52015-05-01 12:25
Another great season of ocoach has passed. OK Agard started out winning in the big hills of 7-manna with an impressive 5 min. lead to Brunkbackens OK. Season 5 was indeed a very hilly one and 7-manna was the first indication on the hill performance of the teams.Then followed some flat relays at Måsen and Rånäs with Svartnatta somewhere in between. Måsen was tiight with TwoGirlsOneCup claiming the victory ahead of Bols SOK and the Emperor of season 5: Gurrelitos Burritos claiming 3'rd postion. In Svartnatta Daisies proved their good night skills with OK Asgard on 2'nd. Rånäs was very tight on the finishline with both TwoGirlsOneCup and Gurrelitos claiming the victory. At stigtomta Brunkkackens followed up on their good performance in the hills now claiming the victory - Brunkbackens was indeed the king of the hills as they also took home the extremely hilly Tiomila though fighting all the way through a disaster at first leg - with a change over as 177 35 min. down. In between we had Kolmårdskavlen where Gurrelitos Burritos started showing some of their big potential claiming their first solo victory - so to speak. A performance they continued the rest of the season taking the victory in both Jukola, Nighthawk, Nationalchampionship and Småland. Jukola was with an impressive 8 min lead after an impressive last leg. At Nighthawk and NC the lead was approximately 1 min and again at Småland an 8 min victory ahead of TwoGirlsOneCup. It has been an incredible season of Gurrelitos - winning more than half of the relays. We have seen some teams coming up - TTG has performed well and also Häagen Dazs among others. Not forgetting Brunkbackens OK with 2 victories and 4 2'nd spots and also 2'nd spot in relay league after Gurrelitos, ahead of coach, TwoGirlsOneCup and TTG OK. Now we are waiting for season 6 - see you there at 7-manna!

Smålandskavlen2015-05-01 12:23
3 More relays has passed quickly and the end of season 5 is approaching with Småland. Gurrelitos Burritos claimed the victory in both Jukola, Nighthawk and Nationalchampionship. Jukola was with an impressive 8 min. lead after an impressive last leg. At Nighthawk and NC the lead was approximately 1 min. It has been an incredible season of Gurrelitos - until now winning half of the relays of the season. We have seen some teams coming up - TTG has performed well and also Häagen Dazs among others. Not forgetting Brunkbackens OK with 2 victories and 4 2'nd spots. Now at Småland a fierce battle is coming up - can Gurrelitos claim their 6'th victory or will we see Brunkbackens OK perfoming well in the hilly terrain once again? How will the other top teams of the relay league do: coach, TwoGirlsOneCup, OK Asgard, Albans Viltsvinn Grävlingarnas and CascadeOC mentiong top 10? Have a good fight in the forest.

Tiomila/jukola2015-04-18 13:28
Once again we saw Brunkbacken do well in the hilly terrain first at 7-manna then at Stigtomta and now Tiomila. Although it did not look well for Brunkbacken after first leg shifting as number 177 more than 35 min. down. After this poor first leg they started climbing with positions as 177-116-109-86-34-7-5-2-1-1. A very impressive performance with great runs on leg 9-10 for Brunkbackens OK - King of the Hills! coach came in 2'nd and with a nice run on last leg TTG finished 3'rd. In the Relay league we still have Gurrelitos on top with Brunkbackens and TwoGirlsOneCup on the next spots. Now with Jukola another great race is coming up exiting to see if Brunkbacken can top their performance from last seasons hilly Jukola. Also Gurrelitos, Bols SOK , TwoGirlsOneCup, Asgard, TTG among others look very sharp - Jukola is a long flat one it will for sure be interesting to see the strategy of the coaches!

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